It can be tough to make that first step towards counseling , especially if you are just starting out. The choice to pursue counseling is entirely yours to make and a deeply personal choice at that. It is for this specific reason that we offer free consultations during which you can get to know the counselor, and get a sense for my style and delivery (fit).
Counseling is very much an inclusive form of therapy which supports both women and men of all ages and backgrounds. The goal of every session is to support a variety of issues the client may be experiencing. Together, the counselor and client work to affect positive changes in the way the client thinks, feels and behaves both individually and in social settings. Clients who often seek counselling when they are experiencing, and want to improve, any of the following:
• Anxiety
• Grief
• Depression
• Trauma
• Simply want to embark on your own self exploration
• Dealing with pain
During each session, the counselor respectfully explores the client’s concerns in a safe, supportive and welcoming environment. The goal of each session is typically mutually agreed upon by both the client and counselor, with clear and focused boundaries during their conversation. Centered on promoting authenticity, compassion and acceptance, professional social workers work collaboratively with clients to promote individual well being. Initial and follow up appointments are available with our registered social worker Khadijah Kanji via a secure and easy to use virtual platform. Psychotherapy sessions with Rene Titre, will be done in person. If you are unable to find your preferred date and time, please call our office at 905-607-2323. We will inform you once in person appointments are again available.
If you wish to email Khadijah her email address is kkanji@thechiropracticoffice.ca. Please allow 24-48 hours for your email inquiry to be responded to.

Rene Titre